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Qingdao ring too electronic Co LTD

Power transformer, Switch power transformer, Control transformer; The isolated transformer; Audio transformer; Inductor; Filter; Car by electromagnetic coils; Inductance coil;

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Our company has passed the ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, CQC authentication. My company product fits UL standard, in line with the European Union RoHS requirements. All our products are exported to European and American countries, quality is reliable. Qingdao ring too electronic Co., LTD is located in Qingdao, China has the superior air and sea conditions. In the production of electronic transformer filter, inductor, inductance coil and ring transformer, etc in leading level. Products are exported to all over the world, the main customers including Pontiac Coil; Whirlpool; Hisense etc, the products are mainly used in telecommunications, home appliance, medical equipment and control device and so on. In the production line, we mainly USES the automation equipment, such as automatic winding machine; In addition it is also equipped with advanced testing instruments. They ensure that the product in mass production will still be able to ensure the high quality. [Details]
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